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Friday, March 23rd @ 4Live
start: 9pm ticket: 80rmb
Saturday, March 24th @Tango
start: 9pm ticket: 50rmb /// PRESALE TICKETS avail here
I Love EU, SH
I Love EU, BJ

The European Union turns 50 on March 25th. Come celebrate at "I Love EU!"

Electronic artists from the EU have traditionally set the trends in dance music and continue to do so today. This blow-out event will featuring 6 international and 1 locally based up-and-coming live electronic artists and DJs from the EU.

Austria: MAKOSSA & MAGABLAST- Afro-Electro Dub Duo
Italy: NINFA and SUPABEATZ -Llive electro dance
Germany: DJ IPEK - Middle Eastern Breaks.
Poland: VEIN CAT -Llive New Wave and electro.
Sweden: SYNTHETICAL- Electro toy band.
France: TAMBOURBATTANT- Live Drum ‘n’ Bass.
Local: Syndicate's DJ Blackie (from the UK)- Drum ‘n’ Bass (for the Beijing show)

In Beijing @ Mango- Music from Malta and Screening of Antenna- UK avent-garde music videos

Look below for more info on these artists and check back here for the latest updates on this event!
Want tickets? 50rmb presale and 80rmb at the door (if it's not sold out). Click here to order.

Makossa & Megablast
Afro-Electro Dub Duo (Austria)
Sponsored by: The Austrian Embassy of China for BJ and SH
Makossa & Megablast

Makossa & Megablast
are groundbreaking dub specialists, their debut album set to propel the Austrian duo into the producers elite. Fusing afro-electro vibes with organic grooves, they prove that Stephen Dorfmeister’s G-Stone Label is still looking forward and putting out the best of the next wave of producers. Their unique blend of different styles ranging from Electro, House, Disco, Dub and Afro-Cuban sounds have shot them to dance floor fame both independently and as a team and they are by far one of Austria’s most famous acts. Makossa himself has even been dubbed "The Godfather of Viennese DJing".

More info and music samples:,
DJ Ninfa and Supabeatz
LIVE Electrodance (Italy)
Sponsored by: The Italian Embassy for BJ
DJ NinfaSupabeatz

Ninfa is an electro dj and producer, co-founder of the One Eyed Fish record label and often appears on MTV Italy.  With a focus on indie, up-and-coming Italian electronic artists, One Eyed Fish produces Supabeatz who, at only 20 years of age, has already been producing funky electro tracks for 6 years!  These two join forces to create an exciting and eclecticlive electro act somewhere between drum’n’bass, electro, hiphop, and punk.

More info and music samples: ,

DJ Ipek
Middle Eastern Breaks (Germany)
Sponsored by: The German Embassy for BJ and German Consulate for SH
DJ Ipek

Hailing from Germany (but, as a true pan European, is of Turkish decent) DJ Ipek is renowned for her unique sound that’s as eclectic as her background. Her music is an explosive fusion of Middle Eastern dance floor sounds combined with house, technomusic and Asian breakbeats.  As a resident DJ at thefamous SO36 in Berlin-Kreutzberg, Ipek started one of Germany’s hottest nightlife events. The popular magazine Zitty ranked DJ Ipek as one of the Berlin’s most important cultural contributors and she was named Europe’s hippest DJ by the Swedish magazine QX. She was also the recipient of the World Beat DJ Award from London, England. She returns to China for the second time after her first successful tour in Beijing , Shanghai and Jinan 2005.

More info and music samples: ,

Vein Cat
LIVE New Wave and Electro (Poland)
Sponsored by: The Polish Embassy for BJ and The Polish Consulate for SH
Vein Cat
Vein Cat is a Polish electroclash producer, live-act performer and vocalist.  His productions are a unique cocktail of cold-wave, new wave, neo-romantic, progressive  and electroclash.  Exposed early on to the electroclash scene in London, he has been at the forefront of the growing electro scene in Poland. ,
LIVE Electro-toy Band (Sweden)
Sponsored by: The Swedish Embassy for BJ and YAY for SH

This is not your average electro band; Synthetical challenges the conventions of modern music!  Synthetical is a two-piece toy-electronica band, consisting of Swedish twenty-somethings, Jos and Gustav. With an arsenal of analog synths and electronic toys, they make groovy lofi-sounding music that will remind you of vintage computer games and the hits of the Eighties, but with a fresh twist to it. In little more than a year, Synthetical has made a name for themselves in Scandinavia and Europe and their live performances (including modified toys, Nintendo consoles, vintage synths and even some rap vocals) are quite impressive

More info and music samples: ,

Tambour Battant
LIVE Drum 'n' Bass (France)
No Sponsorship

Tambour Battant is a duo from France that improvises in their performances combining elements of drum’n’bass, jungle, hard-step, breakbeat and hip hop in a live format. Though still quite young and only together since 2003, Tambour Battant has already had the chance to work with one of the world’s finest MCs, Jamalski. Definitely not your usual MC/DJ combination, these young up-and-coming b-boys tear up the dancefloor with their innovative, energetic and original sounds.

More info and music samples: ,

Antenna UK- Video Screening
Avant-garde UK music videos
Provided by: The British Council

If you are a music video fan, do not miss Antenna UK, a screening of contemporary, avant-garde UK music videos!!

After Party With...
DJ Blackie (UK) from the Syndicate
Drum 'n' Bass
Sponsored by: The British Council


Addittional Support...
VIP Reception Music Sponsored by:
The Embassy of Malta in China


The Austrian Embassy

The German Embassy

The Italian Embassy

The Embassy of Malta

The Polish Embassy

The Swedish Embassy

The British Council
British Council

The German Consulate of Shanghai
German Consulate

The Polish Consulate of Shanghai
Poland SH



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